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Shock Your Body

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Can simply changing the order that you work your muscle groups be enough to make the body respond, or do you have to change your entire routine?

You actually need to change the types of exercises, number of reps, duration of rest etc. for best results.

Changing something small can help, but I typically go from doing 3 sets HEAVY of 6-8 reps with long rest periods to doing lighter sets of 12-15 reps with little rest between sets. The higher rep range helps to target different types of muscle fibers.

Then I'll change to where I do drop sets or 3 heavy sets followed by a 20 rep -> failure follow-up set to fill the muscles with blood.

There are a lot of different things you can do to change your workout routine, but doing different exercises is also a good thing.

The 5 Best Post-Workout Habits

1. Chill Off 
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Never miss a chill off! After you've put in such diligent work, you have to tenderly bring your pulse down. Dr. Joseph Mercola prescribes chilling off to cut pulse down rapidly to keep any discombobulation from blood development in veins. He additionally recommends doing chilling off exercises as a loosening up change from exercise back to ordinary physical action. Think light stretches, a couple of yoga stances, or absorbing a hot tub to physically and rationally change from exceptional action to an agreeable, charming rest. 

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2. Splash To Relieve Muscle
In the event that you work out frequently, a hot tub splash (either your own or at the exercise center) is an incredible method to loosen up your muscles. On the off chance that you don't have a hot tub or approach an open one, a hot shower with Epsom salt can be an alleviating elective. You might be astounded to discover every one of the things Epsom salt can do to ease pressure, remember sore muscles, take out poisons from the body and the sky is the limit from there! 
3. Water
Satisfactory liquids are vital previously, amid and after exercise, as indicated by the Mayo Clinic. Water is a sound liquid to anticipate hydration, and drinking a some water after a workout is suggested. On the off chance that your activity routine is a hour or more, the electrolytes and sugars in games beverages will enable you to feel better amid and after expanded exercise. 
4. Have a Protein Snack 
Great nutrition after exercise is similarly as imperative as it is heretofore, and enables muscles to recuperate by supplanting glycogen stores. Protein and starches inside two or three hours of activity are prescribed, for example, a nutty spread sandwich, cheddar and wafers with natural smoked salmon, or a meal that incorporates meat and vegetables. When I'm in a hurry, it's a protein shake with organic product or a baggie of natively constructed trail blend with nuts and dried natural product. 
5. RICE for Muscle and Joint
Some muscle and joint soreness after a workout is ordinary and can be mitigated with self-care, for example, rest and delicate back rub. Be that as it may, for more grounded post-workout torment and distress, clarifies the significance of ice in post-workout recuperation with the acronym RICE: rest, ice pressure and height. As indicated by the site, ice treatment diminishes torment, lessens swelling and irritation by rapidly decreasing blood stream in the influenced zone, and decreases muscle fit. Ice advances recuperating after exercise for sore muscles and joints however isn't prescribed for those with circulatory issues or hypertension. 
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